Creative DRAWings Member's area

In order to enter to Members area and Download the latest releases of the software you have to be a Registered user. If you are a registered user, you can simply enter the Serial Number of your key in the Login Area that you can find on your USB key or on "Help > About Creative DRAWings" dialog Creative DRAWings software.

*Serial Number:
(USB key number)

- -

You can find the Serial Number on your USB key or in "Help>About..." dialog.

Serial Number

To become a Registered user you have to Register your Creative DRAWings software. To do that you have to go to "Start > All Programs > Creative DRAWings 8” (for older version go at the relative folder) and select the "Register Creative DRAWings 8" option. Fill in the requested information, make sure that you are connected to the internet and the Creative DRAWings USB security key is connected on your pc. Click “Register”. After registering the software you will immediately have access to our site.