Getting Started

The User’s Guide is found in the Creative DRAWings® folder when you go to All Programs. Iit can also be found on your installation DVD > Program Files > DRAWstitch > CreativeDRAWings6 > Manuals.

Fun Learning Exercises

For additional support learning Creative DRAWings®, follow these fun exercises listed below. Click on each lesson listed to download the pdf. *Video tutorials available.

My Teddy Bear Lesson . . . 

My Teddy Bear It's easy to make your own Teddy Bear using Creative DRAWings® Version 5. The 3-part series includes step-by-step instructions and color images that will help you every step of the way. Learn how easy it is to make the jump from "I wish I could," to "Yes, I can!" 

Snowman Lesson . . .  Creating your own embroidery design.

Snowman Outline Lesson Using a Holiday Snowman drawing, you will learn how to use the "create outline shape" tool; how to use backdrop preferences; copy & paste; and change the width of satin stitches.

Snowman Lesson and you may view the original logo used. You will need to "Right Click" to save to your computer.

Stars& Fills Lesson. . . Creating shapes, changing fills, outlines, adding text and removing layers. 

Stars and Fills Lesson This quick tutorial explains how to beautifully customize your designs. These are skills that all users of Creative DRAWings® will find useful. Stars & Fills Lesson.

Stitches Lesson. . .

Stitches lesson - running, satin, fill and more. There are many different types of stitches in Creative DRAWings®: a running stitch, satin stitch, fill stitch and more..

Learn how you can use these stitches to enhance the beauty of your embroideries, giving them texture and depth. Stitches Lesson.